Collection 2014/4344

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Suvà Mario Luca

Genetics and epigenetics of gliomas

Original article

Dratva Julia, Caviezel Seraina, Schaffner Emmanuel, Zemp Elisabeth, de Groot Eric, Schmidt-Trucksäss Arno, Bettschart Robert, Saleh Lanja, Turk Alexander, Gaspoz Jean-Michel, Carballo David, Kuenzli Nino, Probst-Hensch Nicole

Early detection of subjects at risk for vascular remodelling – results from the Swiss population-based study SAPALDIA

Weiss Julius H., Keel Isabelle, Immer Franz F., Wiegand Jan, Haberthür Christoph, Comité National du Don d’Organes (CNDO)

Swiss Monitoring of Potential Organ Donors (SwissPOD): a prospective 12-month cohort study of all adult ICU deaths in Switzerland

Technical comment

Hasler Rebecca Maria, Srivastava David, Aghayev Emin, Keel Marius Johann, Exadaktylos Aristomenis, Schnüriger Beat

Letter to the editor concerning “Is trauma in Switzerland any different? Epidemiology and patterns of injury in major trauma – a five year review from a Swiss trauma centre”

Author reply to technical comment

Heim Catherine, Schoettker Patrick, Wasserfallen Jean-Blaise

Reply to the Letter to the Editor of R. M. Hasler et al.

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