Collection 2014/4142

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Forster-Horvath Csaba, Egloff Christian, Nowakowski Andrej M., Valderrabano Victor

The painful primary hip replacement – review of the literature

Original article

Dupuis Marc, Baggio Stephanie, Henchoz Yves, Deline Stéphane, N'Goran Alexandra, Studer Joseph, Baehler Caroline, Mohler-Kuo Meichun, Gmel Gerhard

Risky single occasion drinking frequency and alcohol-related consequences: can abstinence during early adulthood lead to alcohol problems?

Wunder Dorothea, Ballabeni Pierluigi, Roth-Kleiner Matthias, Primi Marie-Pierre, Senn Alfred, Chanson Alain, Germond Marc, Leyvraz Celine

Effect of embryo culture media on birthweight and length in singleton term infants after IVF-ICSI

Hermann Helena, Trachsel Manuel, Mitchell Christine, Biller-Andorno Nikola

Medical decision-making capacity: knowledge, attitudes, and assessment practices of physicians in Switzerland

Etter Reto, Takala Jukka, Merz Tobias Michael

Intensive care without walls – introduction of a Medical Emergency Team system in a Swiss tertiary care centre

He Liang, Ding Ying, Chen Huiyu, Qian Yanning, Li Zhong

Butorphanol pre-treatment prevents myoclonus induced by etomidate: A randomised, double-blind, controlled clinical trial

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