Collection 2014/3334

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Thibault Ronan, Heidegger Claudia Paula, Berger Mette M, Pichard Claude

Parenteral nutrition in the intensive care unit: cautious use improves outcome

Noack Julia, Brambilla Pisoni Giorgia, Molinari Maurizio

Proteostasis: Bad news and good news from the endoplasmic reticulum

Original article

Ramelli Vera, Ramelli Gian Paolo, Lava Sebastiano A. G., Siegenthaler Giordano M., Cantù Marco, Bianchetti Mario G., Ceschi Alessandro

Vitamin D status among children and adolescents on anticonvulsant drugs in Southern Switzerland

Balmelli Carlo, Zysset Frédéric, Pagnamenta Alberto, Francioli Patrick, Lazor-Blanchet Catherine, Zanetti Giorgio, Zellweger Jean-Pierre

Contact tracing investigation after professional exposure to tuberculosis in a Swiss hospital using both tuberculin skin test and IGRA

Special article

Blank Patricia R., Gutzwiller Felix

Current challenges in handling genetic data

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