Collection 2014/1718

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Schatlo Bawarjan, Fathi Ali-Reza, Fandino Javier

Management of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage

Chantelau Ernst Adolf, Grützner Gotthard

Is the Eichenholtz classification still valid for the diabetic Charcot foot?

Schütz Philipp, Bally Martina, Stanga Zeno, Keller Ulrich

Loss of appetite in acutely ill medical inpatients: physiological response or therapeutic target?

Boehncke Wolf-Henning, Boehncke Sandra

More than skin-deep: the many dimensions of the psoriatic disease

Original article

Valeri Fabio, Hatz Christoph, Jordan Dominique, Leuthold Claudine, Czock Astrid, Lang Phung

Immunisation coverage of adults: a vaccination counselling campaign in the pharmacies in Switzerland

Technical comment

Vassilakos Pierre, Catarino Rosa, Boulvain Michel, Petignat Patrick

Controversies in the mammography screening programme in Switzerland

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