Collection 2014/1516

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Gabay Cem, Hasler Paul, Kyburz Diego, So Alexander, Villiger Peter, von Kempis Johannes, Walker Ulrich

Biological agents in monotherapy for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Original article

Buetikofer Simon, Wandeler Gilles, Kouyos Roger, Weber Rainer, Ledergerber Bruno

Prevalence and risk factors of late presentation for HIV diagnosis and care in a tertiary referral centre in Switzerland

Barth Jürgen, Hofmann Karen, Schori Dominik

Depression in early adulthood: prevalence and psychosocial correlates among young Swiss men

Technical comment

Sarlak Hakan, Dinc Mustafa, Balta Sevket, Cakar Mustafa, Arslan Erol, Demirbas Seref

Early detection of urinary NGAL and plasma CysC may prevent progression to overt acute renal failure

Author reply to technical comment

Graz Bertrand, Michaud Pierre-André, Rodondi Pierre-Ives, Carruzzo Philippe, Bonvin Eric

Complementary and alternative medicine in French speaking Swiss hospitals: increasing and should be more evidence-based

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