Collection 2014/1314


Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Kuehni Claudia Elisabeth, Spycher Ben Daniel

Nuclear power plants and childhood leukaemia: lessons from the past and future directions

Original article

Röhr Sebastian Benedikt, Sauer Harald, Gottschling Sven, Abdul-Khaliq Hashim, Gortner Ludwig, Nunold Holger, Gräber Stefan, Meyer Sascha

Non-neurological, steroid-related adverse events in very low birth weight infants: a prospective audit

Heim Catherine, Bosisio Francesca, Roth Audrey, Bloch Jocelyne, Borens Olivier, Daniel Roy T, Denys Alban, Oddo Mauro, Pasquier Mathieu, Schmidt Sabine, Schoettker Patrick, Zingg Tobias, Wasserfallen Jean-Blaise

Is trauma in Switzerland any different? Epidemiology and patterns of injury in major trauma – a 5-year review from a Swiss trauma centre

Keitel Kristina, Alcoba Gabriel, Lacroix Laurence, Manzano Sergio, Galetto-Lacour Annick, Gervaix Alain

Observed costs and health care use of children in a prospective cohort study on community-acquired pneumonia in Geneva, Switzerland

Barth Jürgen, Ahrens Regina, Schaufelberger Mireille

Consequences of insecurity in emergency telephone consultations: an experimental study in medical students

Schaer Caroline, Schmugge Markus, Frey Bernhard

Prognostic value of nucleated red blood cells in critically ill children

Besson Jacques, Beck Thilo, Wiesbeck Gerhard A., Hämmig Robert, Kuntz André, Abid Sami, Stohler Rudolf

Opioid maintenance therapy in Switzerland: an overview of the Swiss IMPROVE study

Technical comment

Arya Subhash C, Agarwal Nirmala

Comment on “Platelet transfusion: basic aspects”

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