Collection 2014/0910

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Hoffmann Henry, Dell-Kuster Salome, Rosenthal Rachel

Medical students’ career expectations and interest in opting for a surgical career

El Ezzi Oumama, Hohlfeld Judith, de Buys Roessingh anthony

Propranolol in infantile haemangioma: simplifying pretreatment monitoring

Csajka Chantal, Jaquet Aurélie, Winterfeld Ursula, Yvonne Meyer, Einarson Adrienne, Panchaud Alice

Risk perception by healthcare professionals related to drug use during pregnancy: a Swiss survey

Stute Petra, Birkhäuser Martin, von Wolff Michael, Meier Christian

Gynaecologists’ awareness of bone healthcare in Switzerland

O'Meara Alix Catherine, Holbro Andreas, Meyer Sara, Martinez Maria, Medinger Michael, Buser Andreas, Halter Joerg, Heim Dominik, Gerull Sabine, Bucher Christoph, Rovo Alicia, Kuehne Thomas, Tichelli André, Gratwohl Alois, Stern Martin, Passweg Jakob

Forty years of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a review of the Basel experience

Meerwein Christian Martin, Pézier Thomas F, Beck-Schimmer Beatrice, Schmid Stephan, Huber Gerhard Frank

Airway management in head and neck cancer patients undergoing microvascular free tissue transfer: delayed extubation as an alternative to routine tracheotomy

Fahrner René, Übersax Lucia, Mettler Anja, Berger Steffen, Seiler Christian A.

Paediatric thyroid surgery is safe – experiences at a tertiary surgical centre

Bossard Matthias, Sticherling Christian, Kühne Michael, Frey Simon, Osswald Stefan, Schaer Beat

Outcome of patients with cardiac resynchronisation defibrillator therapy and a follow-up of at least five years after implant

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