Collection 2013/3132

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Hühn Daniela, Bolck Hella A, Sartori Alessandro A

Targeting DNA double-strand break signalling and repair: recent advances in cancer therapy

Heritier-Barras Anne-Chantal, Adler Dan, Iancu Ferfoglia Ruxandra, Ricou Bara, Gasche Yvan, Leuchter Igor, Hurst Samia, Escher-Imhof Monica, Pollak Pierre, Janssens Jean-Paul

Is tracheostomy still an option in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Reflections of a multidisciplinary work group

Schneider Marie-Paule, Gertsch Aurélie, Bugnon Olivier

Cyberhealth serving to support individual intake of medication

Original article

Badertscher Nina, Braun Ralph P, Held Ulrike, Kofmehl Reto, Senn Oliver, Hofbauer Günther FL, Rossi Pascal O, Wensing Michel JP, Rosemann Thomas, Tandjung Ryan

Diagnostic competence of Swiss general practitioners in skin cancer

Puricel Serban-George, Lehner Cedric, Oberhänsli Markus, Rutz Tobias, Togni Mario, Stadelmann Mathieu, Moschovitis Aris, Meier Berhard, Wenaweser Peter, Windecker Stephan, Stauffer Jean-Christophe, Cook Stéphane

Acute coronary syndrome in patients younger than 30 years – aetiologies, baseline characteristics and long-term clinical outcome

Moghaddam Negahnaz, Langer Rupert, Ross Steffen, Nielsen Ebbe, Lösch Sandra

Multiple osteosclerotic lesions in an Iron Age skull from Switzerland (320‒250 BC) – an unusual case

Technical comment

Ahmed Saeed, Ratanapo Supawat, Kittanamongkolchai Wonngarm, Cheungpasitporn Wisit, Suksaranjit Promporn, Chongnarungsin Daych

Vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease

Author reply to technical comment

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