Collection 2013/2728

Original article

Greil Waldemar, Häberle Anne, Schuhmann Thomas, Grohmann Renate, Baumann Pierre

Age and adverse drug reactions from psychopharmacological treatment: Data from the AMSP drug surveillance programme in Switzerland

Vonbank Alexander, Saely Christoph, Rein Philipp, Sturn Daniel, Drexel Heinz

Current cholesterol guidelines and clinical reality: a comparison of two cohorts of coronary artery disease patients

Fournier Stephane, Muller Olivier, Ludman Andrew J., Lauriers Nathalie, Eeckhout Eric

Influence of socioeconomic factors on delays, management and outcome amongst patients with acute myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention

McLennan Stuart, Engel Sabrina, Ruhe Katharina, Leu Agnes, Schwappach David, Elger Bernice

Implementation status of error disclosure standards reported by Swiss hospitals

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