Collection 2013/2324

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Leichtle Alexander Benedikt, Dufour Jean-François, Fiedler Georg Martin

Potentials and pitfalls of clinical peptidomics and metabolomics

Schweiger Martin, Dave Hitendu, Romanchenko Olga, Lemme Frithjof, Hübler Michael

Paediatric ventricular assist devices: current achievements

Original article

Jürgens Verena, Ess Silvia, Phuleria Harish C., Früh Martin, Schwenkglenks Matthias, Frick Harald, Cerny Thomas, Vounatsou Penelope

Tobacco-related cancer mortality: projections for different geographical regions in Switzerland

Baggio Stéphanie, Studer Joseph, Mohler-Kuo Meichun, Daeppen Jean-Bernard, Gmel Gerhard

Profiles of drug users in Switzerland and effects of early-onset intensive use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis on other illicit drug use

Thomann Robert, Schütz Philipp, Müller Beat, Thomke Sabine, Schoenenberger Ronald, Keller Ulrich

Evaluation of an algorithm for intensive subcutaneous insulin therapy in noncritically ill hospitalised patients with hyperglycaemia in a randomised controlled trial

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