Collection 2013/1314

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Markus Wilhelm, Frank Ruschitzka, Volkmar Falk

Destination therapy – time for a paradigm change in heart failure therapy

Original article

Federica Capanna, Stephane Paul Emonet, Abdessalam Cherkaoui, Olivier Patrick Irion, Jacques Schrenzel, Begoña Martinez de Tejada

Antibiotic resistance patterns among group B Streptococcus isolates: implications for antibiotic prophylaxis for early-onset neonatal sepsis

Simone Unseld, Reto Andreas Schuepbach, Marco Maggiorini

ICU, hospital and one year mortality of patients suffering from solid or haematological malignancies

Jonas Yserbyt, Christophe Dooms, Vincent Ninane, Marc Decramer, Geert Verleden

Perspectives using probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy of the respiratory tract

Leonardo Tozzi, Christina Akre, Aline Fleury-Schubert, joan-carles suris

Gambling among youths in Switzerland and its association with other addictive behaviours: a population-based study

Andreas Frei, Toralf Bucher, Marc Walter, Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross

Suicides in the Canton of Lucerne over 5 years: subjects with and without psychiatric history and diagnosis

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