Collection 2012/4546

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Damien van Berlo, Martin J D Clift, Catrin Albrecht, Roel P F Schins

Carbon nanotubes: an insight into the mechanisms of their potential genotoxicity

Original article

Denis Berdajs, Sotirios Marinakis, Ulf Kessler, Mirza Muradbegovic, Enrico Ferrari, Ludwig K von Segesser

Impaired left ventricular function as a predictive factor for mid-term survival in octogenarians after primary coronary artery bypass surgery

Short communication

Ludwig Theodor Heuss, Shajan Peter Sugandha, Lukas Degen

Endoscopy teams' judgment of discomfort among patients undergoing colonoscopy: "How bad was it really?"

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