Collection 2012/4142


Costantino Pitzalis, Douglas Veale, Jean-Michel Dayer

Introduction to "Synovitis - an inflammation of joints destroying the bone"

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Grzegorz Terszowski, Jakob R Passweg, Martin Stern

Natural killer cell immunity after transplantation

Georg Schett

Synovitis - an inflammation of joints destroying the bone.

Jakob R Passweg, Joerg Halter, Christoph Bucher, Sabine Gerull, Dominik Heim, Alicia Rovó, Andreas Buser, Martin Stern, André Tichelli

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a review and recommendations for follow-up care for the general practitioner

Thierry Carrel, Lars Englberger, Michele Vittorio Martinelli, Jukka Takala, Claudia Boesch, Vilborg Sigurdadottir, Erich Gygax, Alexander Kadner, Paul Mohacsi

Continuous flow left ventricular assist devices: a valid option for heart failure patients

Andreas Schweizer

Sport climbing from a medical point of view

Original article

Amar J Mehta, Christian Schindler, Laura Perez, Nicole Probst-Hensch, Joel Schwartz, Otto Brändl, Werner Karrer, Jean Marie Tschopp, Thierry Rochat, Nino Künzli

Acute respiratory health effects of urban air pollutants in adults with different patterns of underlying respiratory disease

Jasminka Persec, Zoran Persec, Mario Kopljar, Natasa Sojcic, Ino Husedzinovic

Effect of bispectral index monitoring on extubation time and analgesic consumption in abdominal surgery: a randomised clinical trial



Short communication

Adrian P. Businger, Jonathan Krebs, Benoit Schaller, Heinz Zimmermann, Aristomenis K. Exadaktylos

Cranio-maxillofacial injuries in victims of interpersonal violence

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