Collection 2012/3940

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Dorothea Wunder, Lucien Perey

Fertility preservation in cancer patients

Christoph Henzen

Monogenic diabetes mellitus due to defects in insulin secretion

Lukas Graf, Dimitrios A Tsakiris

Anticoagulant treatment: the end of the old agents?

Original article

Hans Peter Füchslin, Thomas Egli, Stefan Kötzsch

Cryptosporidium spp. in drinking water

Tobias Wienemann, Ernst Adolf Chantelau

The diagnostic value of measuring pressure pain perception in patients with diabetes mellitus

Régis Le Coultre, Abbas Aroua, Eleni Theano Samara, Maxime Rochat, Stéphane Coendoz, Francis Robert Verdun

Exploring the use of the Swiss medical tariffication codes (TARMED) in the establishment of the frequency of radiodiagnostic examinations

Sven Berkmann, Javier Fandino, Beat Müller, Karl F Kothbauer, Christoph Henzen, Hans Landolt

Pituitary surgery: experience from a large network in Central Switzerland

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