Collection 2012/3738


Künzli Nino, Villalbi Joan Ramon

Will Switzerland follow Spain? Maybe, if you raise your voice!

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Zanchi Anne, Lehmann Roger, Philippe Jacques

Antidiabetic drugs and kidney disease - Recommendations of the Swiss Society for Endocrinology and Diabetology

Gétaz Laurent, Rieder Jean-Pierre, Nyffenegger Laurent, Eytan Ariel, Gaspoz Jean-Michel, Wolff Hans

Hunger strike among detainees: guidance for good medical practice

Hartog Christiane S, Winning Johannes, Bauer Michael

Volume replacement after trauma: an update

Conti Marco, Merlani Paolo, Ricou Bara

Prognosis and quality of life of elderly patients after intensive care

Original article

Schwarz Christoph, Leichtle Alexander Benedikt, Arampatzis Spyridon, Fiedler Georg Martin, Zimmermann Heinz, Exadaktylos Aristomenis Konstantinos, Lindner Gregor

Thyroid function and serum electrolytes: does an association really exist?

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