Collection 2012/2728

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Nischang Marc, Gers-Huber Gustavo, Audigé Annette, Akkina Ramesh, Speck Roberto F

Modeling HIV infection and therapies in humanized mice

Original article

Trueb Lionel, Lepori Mattia, Duplain Hervé, Scherrer Urs, Sartori Claudio

Nitric oxide mediates the blood pressure response to mental stress in humans

Taegtmeyer Anne B, Curkovic Ivanka, Corti Natascia, Rosen Christoph, Egbring Marco, Russmann Stefan, Gantenbein Andreas R, Weller Michael, Kullak-Ublick Gerd A

Drug-related problems and factors influencing acceptance of clinical pharmacologists` alerts in a large cohort of neurology inpatients

Junod Perron Noelle, Humair Jean- Paul, Gaspoz Jean-Michel

How to fulfill residents' training needs and public service missions in outpatient general internal medicine?

Martens Daniel, Oster Isabel, Gottschlling Sven, Papanagiotou Panagiotis, Ziegler Karin, Eymann Regina, Ong Mei-Fang, Gortner Ludwig, Meyer Sascha

Cerebral MRI and EEG studies in the initial management of pediatric headaches

Badertscher Nina, Rossi Pascal Olivier, Rieder Arabelle, Herter-Clavel Cathrine, Rosemann Thomas, Zoller Marco

Attitudes, barriers and facilitators for health promotion in the elderly in primary care

Zueger Thomas, Schuler Vanessa, Stettler Christoph, Diem Peter, Christ Emanuel R

Assessment of three frequently used blood glucose monitoring devices in clinical routine

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