Collection 2012/1718

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Christian De Geyter

Assisted reproductive medicine in Switzerland

Andreas Wicki, Christoph Rochlitz

Targeted therapies in breast cancer

Patricia Silveyra, Joanna Floros

Air pollution and epigenetics: effects on SP-A and innate host defence in the lung

Original article

Reto Kaderli, Carmen Andrea Pfortmueller, Adrian P. Businger

Healthcare quality management in Switzerland – a survey among providers

Beian You, Lin Shen, Jifu Li, Yuguo Chen, Xinghua Gu, Haiqing Gao

The correlation between carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity and composition of the aortic media in CAD patients with or without hypertension

Christian Taverna, Jérôme Voegeli, Andreas Trojan, Robert A Olie, Albert von Rohr

Effective response with bortezomib retreatment in relapsed multiple myeloma – a multicentre retrospective survey in Switzerland

Andreas Berset, Roland Albrecht, Wolfgang Ummenhofer, Jean-Jacques Erne, Mathias Zuercher

Air transfer of patients with intraaortic balloon pump support: Swiss experience and recommendations

Stefan Anton Kalbermatter, Claudio Marone, Donatella Casartelli, Martin Hausberg, Giovanni Banfi, Michael Mihatsch, Michael Dickenmann

Outcome of fibrillary glomerulonephritis

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