Collection 2012/1718

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

De Geyter Christian

Assisted reproductive medicine in Switzerland

Wicki Andreas, Rochlitz Christoph

Targeted therapies in breast cancer

Silveyra Patricia, Floros Joanna

Air pollution and epigenetics: effects on SP-A and innate host defence in the lung

Original article

Kalbermatter Stefan Anton, Marone Claudio, Casartelli Donatella, Hausberg Martin, Banfi Giovanni, Mihatsch Michael, Dickenmann Michael

Outcome of fibrillary glomerulonephritis

Kaderli Reto, Pfortmueller Carmen Andrea, Businger Adrian P.

Healthcare quality management in Switzerland – a survey among providers

Berset Andreas, Albrecht Roland, Ummenhofer Wolfgang, Erne Jean-Jacques, Zuercher Mathias

Air transfer of patients with intraaortic balloon pump support: Swiss experience and recommendations

You Beian, Shen Lin, Li Jifu, Chen Yuguo, Gu Xinghua, Gao Haiqing

The correlation between carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity and composition of the aortic media in CAD patients with or without hypertension

Taverna Christian, Voegeli Jérôme, Trojan Andreas, Olie Robert A, von Rohr Albert

Effective response with bortezomib retreatment in relapsed multiple myeloma – a multicentre retrospective survey in Switzerland

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