Collection 2012/0910

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Lucy Reynell, Alexandra Trkola

HIV vaccines: an attainable goal?

Alain J. Nordmann, Benjamin Kasenda, Matthias Briel

Meta-analyses: what they can and cannot do

Original article

Stefan Toggweiler, Marietta Puck, Christoph Thalhammer, Robert Manka, Michael Wyss, Deniz Bilecen, Roberto Corti, Beatrice R Amann-Vesti, Thomas F Lüscher, Christophe Alain Wyss

Associated vascular lesions in patients with spontaneous coronary artery dissection

Florian Schneider, Vladimir Kaplan, Roksana Rodak, Edouard Battegay, Barbara Holzer

Prevalence of multimorbidity in medical inpatients

Yaxing Gui, Yijia Zhao, Hai Liu, Jiang Fu, Zhongping Xu, Xingyue Hu

A novel synonymous SNP in PITX3 is associated with Parkinson's disease in Chinese population

Christiane Kiese-Himmel, Wolfgang Himmel, Martin Scherer

Is a change in vocal loudness a first step towards becoming a medical doctor?

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