Collection 2012/0304

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Julia Hofmann, Hanna Wolf, Andrea Grassmann, Verena Arndt, James Graham, Ina Vorberg

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and mad cows: lessons learnt from yeast cells

Roland von Känel

Psychosocial stress and cardiovascular risk - current opinion

Thomas Dieterle

Blood pressure measurement - an overview

Original article

Christoph Merlo, Klaus Bally, Benedict Martina, Peter Tschudi, Andreas Zeller

Management and outcome of severely elevated blood pressure in primary care: A prospective observational study

Reto Kaderli, Adrian Businger, Antoine Oesch, Ulrich Stefenelli, Urban Laffer

Morbidity in surgery: impact of the 50-hour work-week limitation in Switzerland

Dietmar Ausserhofer, Maria Schubert, Sandra Engberg, Mary Blegen, Sabina De Geest, René Schwendimann

Nurse-reported patient safety climate in Swiss hospitals

Technical comment

Francisco José Fernández - Fernández, Eugenia Ameneiros-Lago, Pascual Sesma

Might tocilizumab be useful in patients with giant-cell arteritis and normal ESR?

Author reply to technical comment

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