Collection 2011/4748

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Statins in clinical medicine

Gschwind Y, Wolf I, Bridenbaugh S

Basis for a Swiss perspective on fall prevention in vulnerable older people

Original article

Jeger V, Dünki A, Germann M, Faas A, Stettbacher A, Fux CA

H1N1 outbreak in a Swiss military boot camp - observations and suggestions

Li S, Qian X, Zhou W, Zahng Y, Feng J, Wan N, Zhang Z, Guo R, Chen B

Time-dependent inflammatory factor production and NFκB activation in a rodent model of intermittent hypoxia

Arlettaz Mieth, Ersfeld S, Douchet N, Wellmann S, Bucher HU

Higher multiple births in Switzerland: neonatal outcome and evolution over the last 20 years

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