Collection 2011/2930

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Original article

Rüegger K, Dusemund F, Bossart R, Regez K, Schild U, Conca A, Sigrist T, Reutlinger B

Optimised patient transfer using an innovative multidisciplinary assessment in Kanton Aargau (OPTIMA I) - an observational survey in lower respiratory tract infections

Fehr M, Catschegn S, Madon J, Asmis L, Cathomas R, von Moos

The influence of bevacizumab on platelet function

Hoke M, Schillinger T, Mlekusch W, Wagner O, Minar E, Schillinger M

The impact of dental disease on mortality in patients with asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis

Fateh R, Iravani S, Frootan M, Saadat S, Rasouli MR

Synbiotic preparation in men suffering from functional constipation: a randomised controlled trial

Albrich WC, Suter I, Hug BL, Schoenenberger R, Mueller B

Quality of care delivered by fee-for-service and DRG hospitals in Switzerland in patients with community-acquired pneumonia

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