Collection 2011/2122


Smoking ban in the Alps - any wonder?

Original article

Hensel-Koch K, Thurnheer MC, Bruggmann P

Management of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in drug substitution programs

Samaras P, Blickenstorfer M, Haile SR, Siciliano D, Petrausch U, Mischo A, Zweifel M, Honegger H, Schanz U, Stüssi G, Bauer S, Knuth A, Stenner-Liewen F

Validation of prognostic factors and survival of patients with multiple myeloma in a real-life autologous stem cell transplantation setting: a Swiss single centre experience

Khanfir K, Elhfidh M, Anchisi S, Bieri S

Sequential or concomitant chemotherapy in limited stage small-cell lung cancer

Zix JA, Lieger O, Saulacic N, Thoren HA, Iizuka T

Incidence, aetiology and pattern of mandibular fractures in central Switzerland

Hans D, So A, Krieg MA, Aubry-Rozier B

High prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in a Swiss rheumatology outpatient population

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