Collection 2011/1516


Rehmann-Sutter C

Aging as disease?

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Barazzetti G, Reichlin M

Life-extension: a biomedical goal? Scientific prospects, ethical concerns

Original article

Granacher U, Roth R, Muehlbauer T, Laser T, Steinbrueck K

Effects of a new unstable sandal construction on measures of postural control and muscle activity in women

El-Koussy M, Stepper F, Spreng A, Lukes A, Brekenfeld C

Incidence, clinical presentation and imaging findings of cavernous malformations of the CNS. A twenty-year experience

Shreshta NR, Basnet S, Bhandari R, Acharia P, Karki P

Presentation and outcome of patients with acute coronary syndromes in eastern Nepal

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