Collection 2011/0304

Original article

Schönbucher V, Held L, Mohler-Kuo M, Schnyder U, Landolt MA

Prevalence of child sexual abuse in Switzerland: a systematic review

Leone MA, Ivashynka A, Tonini MC, Bogliun G, Montano V, Ravetti C, Gambaro P, Paladin F, Beghi E

Risk factors for a first epileptic seizure symptomatic of brain tumour or brain vascular malformation

Seitz MN, Reichenbach S, Bonel HM, Adler S, Wermelinger F, Villiger PM

Rapid induction of remission in large vessel vasculitis by IL-6 blockade

Short communication

Misteli H, Rosenthal R, Oertli D, Marti WR, Widmer AF, Weber WP

Spectrum of pathogens in surgical site infections at a Swiss university hospital

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