Collection 2011/0304

Original article

V Schönbucher, L Held, M Mohler-Kuo, U Schnyder, MA Landolt

Prevalence of child sexual abuse in Switzerland: a systematic review

MA Leone, A Ivashynka, MC Tonini, G Bogliun, V Montano, C Ravetti, P Gambaro, F Paladin, E Beghi

Risk factors for a first epileptic seizure symptomatic of brain tumour or brain vascular malformation

MN Seitz, S Reichenbach, HM Bonel, S Adler, F Wermelinger, PM Villiger

Rapid induction of remission in large vessel vasculitis by IL-6 blockade

Short communication

H Misteli, R Rosenthal, D Oertli, WR Marti, AF Widmer, WP Weber

Spectrum of pathogens in surgical site infections at a Swiss university hospital

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