Collection 2010/3738

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

F Oliviero, R Ramonda, L Punzi

New horizons in osteoarthritis

C Taverna, M Bargetzi, D Betticher, J Gmür, M Gregor, U Hess, N Ketterer, E Lerch, T Matthes, U Mey, T Pabst, C Renner

Integrating novel agents into multiple myeloma treatment - current status in Switzerland and treatment recommendations

G Stirnimann, K Kessebohm

Liver injury caused by drugs: an update

M Hofmann-Amtenbrink, H Hofmann, X Montet

Superparamagnetic nanoparticles - a tool for early diagnostics

M Zwahlen, N Low, B Borisch, Egger, R Obrist, F Paccaud, NM Probst-Hensch

Population based screening - the difficulty of how to do more good than harm and how to achieve that

Mota da, IM Laurindo, Carvalho de, Santos-Neto dos

Prognostic evaluation of early rheumatoid arthritis

A Zouhair, E Herrmann, G Ugurluer, M Ozsahin, PM Gaye, RO Mirimanoff

Primary testicular lymphoma

Original article

M Risch, D Radjenovic, JN Han, M Wydler, U Nydegger

Comparison of MALDI TOF with conventional identification of clinically relevant bacteria

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