Collection 2010/2930

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

S Conus

Cathepsins and their involvement in immune responses

R Salem, F Sibellas, T Socrates, N Arenja, A Mebazaa, MB Yilmaz

Novelties in the early management of acute heart failure syndromes

Original article

E Jeannot, P Mahler, O Duperrex, P Chastonay

Evolution of overweight and obesity among elementary school children in Geneva

B Keller, LR Braathen, HP Marti, RE Hunger

Skin cancers in renal transplant recipients: A description of the renal transplant cohort in Bern

D Genné, J Borovicka, A Cerny, C Chuard, V Dutoit, R Malinverni, B Müllhaupt, M Monnat, F Negro, C Oneta, JP Chave, JF Dufour, JJ Gonvers, MH Heim

Treatment of hepatitis C in HCV mono-infected and in HIV-HCV co-infected patients: an open-labelled comparison study

R Bertoli, M Bissig, D Caronzolo, M Odorico, M Pons, E Bernasconi

Assessment of potential drug-drug interactions at hospital discharge

Special article

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