Collection 2003/2728

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Bärtsch P, Swenson ER

High altitude pulmonary oedema

Original article

Yanardag H, Pamuk OEN

Lacrimal gland involvement in sarcoidosis

Aslan A, Boneval C, Elpek O, Gelen T, Melikoglu M

Omentum pediculed musculo-peritoneal flap (OPMP) for growing intestinal neomucosa in a rat model

Short communication

Khazall Y

Depersonalization-derealization syndrome induced by reboxetine

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Deffernez C, Thomas Y, Koch D, Spicher VM, Uckay I, Schultze D, Siegl G, Matter HC

Viral aetiology of acute respiratory illnesses in patients with a suspicion of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Switzerland

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