Collection 2003/2728

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

P Bärtsch, ER Swenson

High altitude pulmonary oedema

Original article

H Yanardag, OEN Pamuk

Lacrimal gland involvement in sarcoidosis

A Aslan, C Boneval, O Elpek, T Gelen, M Melikoglu

Omentum pediculed musculo-peritoneal flap (OPMP) for growing intestinal neomucosa in a rat model

Short communication

Y Khazall

Depersonalization-derealization syndrome induced by reboxetine

Peer reviewed clinical letter

C Deffernez, Y Thomas, D Koch, VM Spicher, I Uckay, D Schultze, G Siegl, HC Matter

Viral aetiology of acute respiratory illnesses in patients with a suspicion of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Switzerland

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