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Technical comment

Vol. 150 No. 0506 (2020)

Comment on: Wieser et al. Ovarian cancer in Switzerland: incidence and treatment according to hospital registry data. Swiss Med Wkly.2018;148:w14647

  • Anita Feller
  • Matthias Bopp
  • Matthias Lorez
  • Ulrich Zellweger
  • Martin Adam
  • Ivan Curjuric
  • Katharina Staehelin
  • Aurel Perren
  • Yvan Bergeron
  • Elisabetta Rapiti
  • Mohsen Mousavi
  • Joachim Diebold
  • Daniela Dyntar
  • Jean-Luc Bulliard
  • Manuela Maspoli Conconi
  • Andrea Bordoni
  • Isabelle Konzelmann
  • Ulrich Wagner
  • Sabine Rohrmann
Cite this as:
Swiss Med Wkly. 2020;150:w20179


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