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Original article

Vol. 146 No. 1718 (2016)

Prevalence and characteristics of coronary artery anomalies detected by coronary computed tomography angiography in 5 634 consecutive patients in a single centre in Switzerland

  • Christoph Gräni
  • Dominik C Benz
  • Christian Schmied
  • Jan Vontobel
  • Mathias Possner
  • Olivier F Clerc
  • Fran Mikulicic
  • Julia Stehli
  • Tobias A Fuchs
  • Aju P Pazhenkottil
  • Oliver Gaemperli
  • Philipp A Kaufmann
  • Ronny Ralf Buechel
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Swiss Med Wkly. 2016;146:w14294