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Original article

Vol. 140 No. 2930 (2010)

Evolution of overweight and obesity among 5–6-year-old schoolchildren in Geneva

  • E Jeannot
  • P Mahler
  • O Duperrex
  • P Chastonay
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Swiss Med Wkly. 2010;140:w13040


Questions under study: In view of the alarming trend in childhood obesity (O) and overweight (OW) observed in certain countries, the aim of the study is to measure the prevalence of O and OW in successive cohorts of elementary school children in Geneva.

Methods: All 5–6-year-old children attending public schools in the Canton of Geneva were measured and weighed during a systematic health check at school from 2003 to 2008. BMI was calculated and plotted on standardised BMI for age tables, using Cole’s and Kromeyer’s references.

Results: Using Cole’s references, the overall trend was a small non-significant decrease for OW 0.7 points (p = 0.33) and O 0.5 points (p = 0.23) over the 5-year period. For girls, OW decreased by 1.1 point (p = 0.47) and O decreased by 0.5 points (p = 0.61), whilst for boys OW decreased by 0.3 points (p = 0.54) and O decreased by 0.6 points (p = 0.23). A non-significant decrease or stabilisation in the prevalence of overweight and obesity was observed over the 5-year period in both boys and girls.

Conclusion: These observations corroborate observations from Sweden and France, showing a levelling off in obesity and overweight in young children.


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