Swiss Medical Weekly

Issue 2017/0708


Clair C

Smoking bans: let’s be comprehensive and not compromise health!

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Puga Yung GL, Rieben R, Bühler L, Schuurman HJ, Seebach J

Xenotransplantation: Where do we stand in 2016?

Systematic review

Zaffanello M, Piacentini G, Lippi G, Fanos V, Gasperi E, Nosetti L

Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing, enuresis and combined disorders in children: chance or related association?

Zumstein V, Betschart P, Albrich WC, Buhmann MT, Ren Q, Schmid HP, Abt D

Biofilm formation on ureteral stents - Incidence, clinical impact, and prevention

Original article

Adler S, Sprecher M, Wermelinger F, Klink T, Bonel H, Villiger PM

Diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography in large-vessel vasculitis

Richard JL, Schaetti C, Basler S, Masserey Spicher V

Reduction of acute hepatitis B through vaccina-tion of adolescents with no decrease in chronic hepatitis B due to immigration in a low ende-micity country

Glatz N, Chappuis A, Conen D, Erne P, Péchère-Bertschi A, Guessous I, Forni V, Gabutti L, Muggli F, Gallino A, Hayoz D, Binet I, Suter P, Paccaud F, Bochud M, Burnier M

Associations of sodium, potassium and protein intake with blood pressure and hypertension in Switzerland

Weisstanner C, Saxer S, Wiest R, Kaelin-Lang A, Newman CJ, Steinlin M, Grunt S

The neuronal correlates of mirror illusion in children with spastic hemiparesis: a study with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Zimny M, Blum S, Ammann P, Erne P, Moschovitis G, Di Valentino M, Shah D, Schläpfer J, Vogt C, Tabord A, Kühne M, Sticherling C, Osswald S, Conen D

Uptake of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anti coagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation – a prospective cohort study

Weiss J, Shaw D, Schober R, Abati V, Immer FF, Comité National du Don d’Organes (CNDO)

Attitudes towards organ donation and relation to wish to donate posthumously

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