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Reply to the letter to the editor “The report ‘Homeopathy in healthcare: effectiveness, appropriateness, safety, costs’ is not a ‘Swiss report’”

Publication Date: 16.12.2012
Swiss Med Wkly. 2012;142:w13724

David Martin Shaw

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I appreciate the correction of some minor errors in the historical aspects of my article.

When I stated that the Swiss government “published” the report, I simply meant that they commissioned the original report and made it available on their website, which Dr Gurtner concedes is correct. However, at no point in my article did I claim that “the Swiss government wanted homeopathy and other CAM methods to be evaluated at lower than usual standards in order to receive a certain result”; I merely pointed out that the authors applied lower standards in their assessment of the evidence.

I may have overstated the effect of the report within Switzerland. However, the effect of the report outside Switzerland is substantial and enduring; proponents of homeopathy all over the world continue to proclaim the “Swiss Government’s report on homeopathy” as objective proof that homeopathy is effective.


Correspondence: David M. Shaw, PhD, MSc, MA, MML, PGCE,[at]

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