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Reply to the letter to the editor “Does C2 level monitoring have benefit over C0 level monitoring among solid organ transplantation?”


Publication Date: 12.03.2012
Swiss Med Wkly. 2012;142:w13531

Matthias Hermann

University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland


We are pleased to see that Einollahi and Rostami agree that C2 monitoring does not offer a clear benefit over C0 monitoring in solid organ transplantation. Indeed, they further stress the point of clinical practicability of C2 monitoring in daily clinical practice due to the strict adherence to 120 min ± 10 min after CsA administration. We fully agree that the availability of “a faster, simpler, less expensive, more practical and more accurate method of CsA assays” would help to improve the worldwide outcome after solid organ transplantation.

Letter to the Editor:


Correspondence: Matthias Hermann, MD

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